Mar 23 2011

Tulum Map 2011 Spring Edition

The new map is ready, while waiting for the print here is the list of local advertisers.

  • Acuatic Tulum
  • Azucar Hotel
  • Casa Violeta
  • Coco Tulum
  • Don Diego De la Selva
  • El Pequeño Buenos Aires
  • El Tabano Restaurant
  • Ginger Restaurant
  • Las Ranitas
  • Luna Maya Hotel
  • Altamar Restaurant
  • Piedra Escondida
  • Playa Azul Tulum
  • Posada Yumkin
  • Posada Punta Piedra
  • Teetotum
  • Tierras del Sol
  • Tulum Weddings Destination
  • Villa Tulum Hotel
  • Smart express Booking
  • Visit Sian Ka’an
  • Xibalba Dive Center
  • Los Arboles Tulum
  • Restaurant Las estrellas
  • Spa Movil
  • El habanero
  • Restaurant Cetli
  • Restaurant El capitan
  • Restaurant La Bisteca
  • Restaurant Paladante
  • Restaurant El Camello
  • Panne e Cioccolato
  • Savana travel agency
  • Hot Wok Thai food
  • La Gran Mosca Verde
  • Hotel Nadet
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    Oct 05 2010

    Tulum Map

    tulum map

    The Original Tulum Map since 2006
    Click here to download your Tulum Map

    Tulum known world wide for its stunning ancient ruins sitting atop a 40 foot cliff above the Caribbean Sea as well as having some of the worlds best beaches, sits at the southern tip of what is knows as the Rivera Maya. Although many businesses in the area have been greatly affected by the speculations of swine flu, there is certainly a light at the end of the tunnel.
    As the latest addition of the Tulum map is being printed, it is evident of this town perseverance. An unprecedented amount of new businesses are opening in the area and goods and services from all over the world, and especially the Yucatan, are now available in Tulum. New restaurants featuring the talents of exciting young chefs and shops boasting fine house wares of natural materials are bringing this small Mayan town out of the recession and on the path for a strong municipal economy. Projects in the area like new roads and parks have helped this area forge ahead in the midst of hard times and it seems that support of the travelers has helped.
    Tourism in this town has steadily increased as it tries to get back to its pre swine flu population. Whether return to the area or visiting for the first time, tourists will be thrilled with the variety of businesses that stand ready to serve them. Restaurants featuring cuisine from all over the world and highlighting enticing Mexican classics and Caribbean favorites will delight any palate. Beautiful linen clothing and hand embroidered Mayan specialties can be found in a plethora of shops and stores featuring art from local artists and furniture of indigenous woods can be found at new shops opening all over town., the company that prints the Tulum map that is commonly used by most visitors to the area, has to continually reprint the latest addition of the map in order to reflect the rapidly increasing amount of new businesses in the area.
    You can review the Tulum map online at or pick up a free copy at any number of locations around Tulum. One look at this map and you can see for yourself just how fast this small town is growing

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